#meettheteam – Julia Haas

triff Julia, unsere koordinatorin von sf4c in der stadt wien

Ein Projekt wie SchoolFood4Change ist auch für eine Stadt ein großes Unterfangen und braucht eine gute führende Hand und Augen die immer den Überblick bewahren!

Julia Haas ist seit September 2023 mit der Leitung des Projekts SchoolFood4Change für die Stadt Wien beauftragt. Lernen wir sie kennen! 

SF4C: Hi Julia! Erzähl uns bitte von Dir!

Julia: Hi! Mein Name ist Julia and I am 35 years old. I have two kids that are 3 and 6 years old. I work as kitchen coordinator at Klagshamnsskolan (Klagshamns school) in Malmö. 

I was born and raised in Italy and I graduated from a chef school in Milan about ten years ago. I moved to Malmö in 2013 and started to work in an Italian restaurant in Copenhagen, which is connected to Malmö with the famous Øresund Bridge. Later on, I worked in a lunch restaurant in Malmö. 

Food has always been my passion, but before graduating from the chef school, I worked as a physical education teacher at kindergartens. Therefore, it feels great now to work in a school where I can do both: cook and have contact with students at the same time. SchoolFood4Change will give me and other chefs in Europe the chance to achieve the implementation of a new cooking model in schools, with focus on environmental sustainability and tasteful healthy food. 

Was bedeutet SchoolFood4Change für Dich? 

I first got to know about this project when I received an internal e-mail with a job description to become a “SchoolFood4Change chef”, so I read what SF4C was all about. I have always been interested in food production and its impact on the environment, and I think we, the schools’ cooks, have a very important role to promote sustainable and healthy food patterns. That is the reason why I sent my application – and I got the job! 

Was soll sich aus Deiner Sicht durch SchoolFood4Change verändern?

I look forward to meeting everyone involved in the project and to exchange ideas with other chefs and experts in the field of healthy cooking and beyond. I am sure that we will create a great plan together. 

Was ist Dein Lieblingsessen?

I think my focus will be on promoting seasonal and local food, so cooking ingredients we process and consume (almost) at the time when they are harvested. On top of that, I will be talking to and motivating the students. I want them to feel that they are a part of this project. We are doing this for them and their future! 

Danke für das Gespräch! Es war schön Dich und auch Deine Motivation für SF4C kennenzulernen!