SF4C Youth Delegation at the World Food Forum

Harnessing the potential of school meals to transform food systems for climate action

October 2023 offers two key moments for the global food agenda: World Food Day (16 October), and the World Food Forum – a youth-led movement and network to transform our agri-food systems (16-20 October, Rome, Italy). Tackling the critical interlinkages between food, water and climate, these two events are yet another opportunity for SchoolFood4Change to highlight the critical role of school meals in addressing the multi-faceted challenges of food systems transformation.

This year’s World Food Forum aims to showcase innovative and inclusive local action for agri-food systems transformation and accelerated climate action. On this occasion, SchoolFood4Change nominated an official Youth Delegation with members from across Europe to amplify the voices of young people and to demonstrate the incredible potential, school food has in supporting their health and wellbeing while protecting the climate and biodiversity.

Their message is straight forward: school meals – when aligned with food education and innovative sustainable food procurement practices – can be a powerful a tool for change. However, in order to unlock the full potential, actors on the ground need to be supported by an enabling policy environment at the regional, national and global level.

In their statement addressed to the World Food Forum, the ten young members of the SchoolFood4Change Delegation are unequivocal: school food needs a change, and the time is now!

The official statement is available here.

The SchoolFood4Change Youth Delegation is composed of Angèle Tasse (ICLEI Europe), Francesca D’Addario (ICLEI Europe), Ilsa Philipps (IFOAM Organics Europe), Marzia Béthaz (Eating City), Paola Hernández (Mensa Cívica), Philip Linander (SF4C Food Ambassador / Eating City), Catarina Vasconcelos (SF4C Food Ambassador / Eating City), Abdul Moiz (Eating City Ambassador), Irene Vidal (University of Alcalá), Lola Berna Gascón (Young Fair Trade Advocate).