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#meettheteam – series, part 3

In our #MeetTheTeam -Series, we introduce members of SchoolFood4Change and participants! In this part #3, we interviewed Tom, Ludmilla and Hana who are implementing the Whole School Food Approach in, and with schools in the Czech Republic.

Insights from the replication city Madrid

case study of Madrid’s nursery school food system We are happy to share news about the results of a scientific article conducted and published in October this year by the University of Alcalá titled “Fostering healthy and sustainable nursery school food…

Get to know 2 project schools from Ghent

Be inspired by the activities of two schools in Ghent, which introduce themselves in a short video. Ghent is a city and a municipality in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is one of the first European cities to launch its…

SF4C Youth Delegation at the World Food Forum

WFF 2023, SF4C Youth Delegation Statement
On the occasion of the World Food Forum 2023, the SchoolFood4Change Youth Delegation publishes a statement underscoring the incredible potential school food has in supporting health and wellbeing while protecting the climate and biodiversity.


The image shows a classroom. A young girl is holding a poster and presenting in the front of the classroom. A boy is holding is hand up.
In our #MeetTheTeam -Series, we introduce members of SchoolFood4Change and participants! In this part #2, we interviewed students and teachers of a secondary school in Germany about SchoolFood4Change and their everyday school life.

We nurture peer-to-peer exchange!

The image shows participants of the peer-to-peer gathering in Vienna, January 2023.
In 2023, SchoolFood4Change has entered a new phase of implementation, bringing people from the participating schools and cities across Europe together for peer-to-peer exchanges. In total, three in-person gatherings were conducted, providing all participants with interesting insights into the hosting countries’ food systems and school environments.