3, 2, 1, Action! Let us present the newly released SchoolFood4Change project video! 

Here it is, fresh from the oven! Let us present to you the SchoolFood4Change’s introductory video, released and published in December 2022, providing you with an overview of the project in less than 3 minutes. 

Get to know SchoolFood4Change! The video explains the SchoolFood4Change approach, our vision, goals and activities, with the aim of making the #SF4C ideas tangible for everybody, and particularly for our stakeholders in the food systems. SchoolFood4Change wants to drive change!  

 The SchoolFood4Change video is available on our website and on Youtube with subtitiles in 12 different languages. 

We invite you to spread the word and to use the video when talking about SchoolFood4Change, if you like. It’s time for more school children and young people to become members of the “clean plate club”!  

Let’s go get some popcorn. 3, 2, 1, Action! 

For better accessibility, please find the English video manuscript below: 

Get to know SchoolFood4Change, a EU-funded project for enjoyable and healthy #schoolmeals! 

Young girl: 

Food has always evolved. And somebody once said that we are what we eat. Well, if that’s true, we have some work to do. You see, at times school food across Europe fails us. It’s often prepared from a distance or behind closed doors, limited by money. And for some of us, it isn’t served at all. Don’t you think that we deserve better? We need school food. We need food that is both healthy, sustainable and that tastes good. To learn. To play. To grow. Food that benefits the environment. Our future. 

Amalia Ochoa, ICLEI Europe, project coordination: 

In order to make school food better for the environment, our health and to make it enjoyable to eat, 43 organisations from 12 countries in the EU have joined forces in SchoolFood4Change. Food at school means first of all that all children have access to a warm meal while they are in school or in day care. This is particularly important for disadvantaged families. But this project is not only about feeding and providing good school meals. Schools can be so much more. And this is what implementing a ‘Whole School Food Approach’ in schools is about. So, food education, planetary health diets, cooking and school-farm visits are an important part of our journey, too. SchoolFood4Change sees schools as catalysts for transforming our unsustainable food system. We are using the advocacy power of children, adolescents, teachers, parents, chefs, nutritionists, politicians, and policy makers. We know that when we all come together, we’ll light the spark of change towards a sustainable food system.  

Young girl: 

We’re not here to complain. We’re all grateful for the effort, time, resources, people, and work that goes into serving us food every day. But: It’s time for a change. For school food to evolve. To become as tasty, nutritious, and sustainable as possible. It’s time for more of us to become members of the “clean plate club. So, “Thanks for the food! It’s time for a new menu.”